I am happy to lecture in German or Spanish.

Innsbruck, 2018.

Invited talks

“An Epitaph for Effective Altruism,” Philosophy Colloquium, Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany, April 2021.

“Following in the Footsteps of Ecofeminists,” keynote at the International Conference and Graduate Workshops, “Wittgenstein and Feminism,” Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France, March 2021.

“Animal Crisis,” with Lori Gruen, presentation at the inaugural meeting of the Harvard-Yale Animal Ethics Faculty Seminar, March 2021. 

“Against Effective Altruism,” Philosophy Department, University of East Anglia, zoom-format, February 2021. 

“Objectivity,” Workshop on Social and Political Philosophy of Language, based at Cambridge University, zoom-based, November 2020.

“Letter to a Young Philosopher: Don’t Become an Effective Altruist,” [via zoom] at Oxford Public Philosophy (opp), Oxford University, June 2020. 

“Dehumanization and the Question of Animals,” [via zoom] at Arglab, Nova Institute of Philosophy, Lisbon, Portugal, May 2020.

“Why we Should be Reading Diamond on Animal Ethics: Seeing Animal Suffering,” keynote at the conference “Contextual Ethics,” University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark, November 2019. 

“Recovering the Core of Critique,” Paris-1, Sorbonne, at a panel on “Forms of Life and Social Criticism” with Rahel Jaeggi and Estelle Fararrese, October 2019. 

“Wittgenstein Does Critical Theory,” Plenary lecture at the conference “Crisis and Critique: Philosophical Analysis and Current Events,” the 42nd International Wittgenstein Symposium in Kirchberg, Austria, August 2019. 

“Literature as a Guide to Seeing Animal Suffering,” keynote at the conference Open Minds XIV, University of Manchester, England, August 2019.  

“Ethics and Animals: Why we need a wider ethical naturalism,” presentation at the seminar “Appeals to Nature,” All Souls College, Oxford, June 2019. 

“Wittgenstein Does Critical Theory,” School of Philosophy and Art History, University of Essex, England, May 2019.

“Why Liberating Critical Thought Needs to Include Animals,” presented at “Social Visibility, a Workshop on Critique and Social Justice,” Vanderbilt University, April 2019. 

“Who’s Afraid of Ordinary Language Philosophy? A Plea for Reviving a Wrongly Reviled Philosophical Tradition” (discussion of a manuscript co-authored with Joel de Lara), presented at the Séminaire Wittgenstein 2018-2019, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, January 2019. 

“Menschen, Tieren, Ideologien: Eine Kritische Perspektive,” Philosophy Department, University Vienna, together with the Messerli Institute at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria, December 2018. 

“For my teacher, Stanley Cavell,” address at a memorial event, “Celebrating the Life and Work of Stanley Cavell,” Philosophy Department, Harvard University, November 2018. 

“Feminist Theory as an Exercise of Encountering the World Inside Ethics,” Keynote for the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy, which was organized around themes from my work under the heading of “Feminist Philosophy: Insiders and Outsiders,” at Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, September 2018.

“Why Animals Matter for Ethics and Critical Social Thought,” Lecture for Cape Breton University’s Animal Ethics Project, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, September 2018. 

“Race and Animals: Wittgensteinian Reflections on a Contested Comparison,” Keynote lecture for the British Wittgenstein Association, July 2018, University College London, UK. 

“The Role of Animals in Radical Social Thought: Animalizing Ideologies and the Question of Critique,” full session of the second annual International Critical Theory Summer School (“Re-Thinking Ideology”), Institute for Philosophy, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, July 2018. 

“Menschen, Tieren, Ideologien: Eine Kritische Perspektive,” special lecture at the graduation ceremony for the Institute for Philosophy, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, July 2018. 

“The Horrific History of Comparisons Between Cognitive Disability and Animality (and How to Move Past It),” Guest lecture at the Forschungsinstitut Brenner-Archiv and the Institut für Philosophie, University of Innsbruck, Austria, June 2018. 

“The Methodological is Political: What’s the matter with ‘analytic feminism’?” The Ronald Suter Distinguished Guest Lectureship, Michigan State University, April 2018. 

“The Horrific History of Comparisons Between Cognitive Disability and Animality (and How to Move Past It)” the 2nd Annual Ethics, Law and Society Lecture at the University of South Dakota, April 2018.

“Race and Animals: Reflections on a Contested Comparison,” the inaugural lecture of the Bard College “Thinking Animals Initiative,” April 2018. 

“Race and Animals: Reflections on a Contested Comparison,” Keynote lecture at the conference, “Sentience, Vulnerability and Recognition,” sponsored by the University College Dublin Philosophy Department and Center on Ethics and Public Life, Dublin, Ireland, March 2018. 

“The Unhappy Marriage of Animality and Cognitive Disability,” a presentation at the Talking Animals, Philosophy and Law Series, Cambridge University, England, March 2018.

“Animality, Cognitive Disability and Basic Human Equality,” Philosophy Institute, Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany, February 2018. 

“The Horrific History of Comparisons between Animality and Cognitive Disability (and How to Move Past it),” Department of Comparative Thought and Literature, Johns Hopkins University, February 2018. 

“The Horrific History of Comparisons between Animals and Human Beings with Cognitive Disabilities (and How to Move Past it),” Institute for Advanced Study, School of Social Science, Princeton, NJ, November 2017. 

“The Empirical Task of Ethics,” presented at a workshop on “Die Nature der Lebensformen” at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, Munich, Germany, November 2017.

“Cognitive Disability, Moral Status and Animals,” presented at the “2017 Tennessee Values and Agency Conference Philosophy of Disability—Perspectives, Challenges and Aspirations,” Philosophy Department, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, October 2017.

“Wittgenstein Goes to Frankfurt (and finds something useful to say)” and “Objectivity,” presented at the Workshop “Dialectics of Progress: Critical Theory and Social Change,” at the New School for Social Research together with Humboldt University, the Heuss Foundation and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, October 2017.

“Humanistic Thought as a Route to the Value of Humanity,” Keynote at a conference on the “Conflict of the Faculties” at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Peru, September 2017. 

“The Animal Question in Ethics: The Case of the Fur Industry,” at a conference on “The Ethics of Fur,” Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, July 2017. 

“The Methodological is Political,” Keynote at a conference on “Feminist Philosophy and Methodological Commitments,” at Humboldt University, Germany, July 2017.

“Winch and Immanent Critique,” Keynote lecture at the Conference, “Truth and Politics and Metaphysics: Celebrating the Work of Peter Winch” at King’s College London, June 2017.

“Moral Status and Cognitive Disability,” at the Wittgenstein Workshop at the Philosophy Department at the University of Chicago, May 2017. 

“Cavell and the Politics of the Current Moment,” at the conference “Changing Politics: Conversations with Stanley Cavell,” at the Center for the Humanities at Tufts University, March 2017. 

“Cognitive Disability and Moral Status,” at the Philosophy Department at the University of Texas, Austin, March 2017. 

“Cognitive Disability and Moral Status,” Session of the Society for Philosophy and Disability, Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Baltimore, MD January 2017. 

“The Animal Question in Ethics: Reflections in the Light of Feminist and Other Alternative Epistemologies,” keynote lecture at a conference of SWIP-Ireland, “Feminist Ethics in Theory and Practice: Challenging Practices in Contested Domains” at NUI Galway, December 2016. 

“Putnam and Propaganda,” at a commemorative conference entitled “Putnam and Pragmatism,” at the New School for Social Research, November 2016.  

“Coetzee’s Quest for Reality,” Teacher’s College, Columbia University, October 2016. 

A presentation at the EPIC seminar on animal ethics and the Graham Kennedy Memorial Lecture (“Seeing Animal Suffering”) at Queen’s University, Ontario, September 2016. 

“Celebrating Richard Bernstein: Reflections on The Restructuring of Social and Political Theory,” Klub PROZA, in conjunction with the University of Lower Silesia and the Transregional Center for Democracy Studies, Wroclaw, Poland, July 2016. 

“Retrieving Literary Realism,” 5th Colloquium on Modalities of the Good, Institute for Philosophy, Prague Academy of Sciences, and Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2016. 

“Religion in Coetzee’s Quest for Reality,” at an Australian Research Council Aesthetics Workshop, Washington Square Hotel, New York, May 2016. 

“Human and Animal Vulnerability” at a symposium on Inside Ethics, University of Stavanger, Norway, April 2016. 

“Wittgenstein Goes to Frankfurt (and Finds Something Useful to Say)” at the Conference “Doing Ethics after Wittgenstein” at the Ethik-Zentrum-Institut für Sozialethik, Universität Zürich, Switzerland, April 2016.

“Cavell and the Ethics of Expression: Response to Laugier and Moran,” at a workshop on the philosophy of Stanley Cavell, Philosophy Department, Harvard University, April 2016.

“Social Criticism: A Philosophical Road Map,” The Elias J. and Rosa Lee Nemir Audi Lecture, and “Social Criticism: A Case Study,” a lecture in the Philosophy Department Colloquium, Colgate University, March-April 2016. 

“Ethics and Animal Life: A Discussion of Inside Ethics,” at the University of Tennessee Philosophy Department’s 2016 Annual Spring Symposium, “Ethics and Humanity’s Place in Nature,” with Akeel Bilgrami and Gavin Lawrence, February 2016. 

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