New York City, 2014.

PhD—past students

Vivaldi Jean-Marie, “The Relationship of Historical Knowledge and Eternal Happiness in Kierkegaard’s Fragments and Postscript”, 2005.

David Kishik, “To Imagine a Form of Life: Remarks on Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Language”, 2006.

Judit Torok, “Aesthetic Judgment and Wittgenstein”, 2007.

Anstein Gregersen, “The Active Mind: On Perception and First-Person Authority”, 2008.

Aloisia Moser, “Performative Intentionality”, 2009.

Matt Congdon, “Moral Articulation: on the Formulation of New Moral Universals”, 2014.

Samuel Ben-Meir, “Ethical Interanimality: An Essay in the Philosophy of Nature”, 2014.

Robin Muller, “The Romantic Subject of Perception: A Phenomenological Account of Conceptual Mindedness”, 2014.

Jonathan Chalier, “Otherwise Specified: Investigating Autism and Philosophy of Mind”, 2014.

Jason Fisette, “Reason and Realism in Hume’s Moral Philosophy,” 2015.

Janna van Grunsven, “Bringing Life in View: An Enactive Account of Moral Perception,” 2015.

Adam Gies, “Unraveling Folk Psychology: Mindshaping and Plural Frameworks of Rational Agency in Human Social Cognition,” 2016.

Carlo Alvaro, “Veganism as a Virtue,” 2017.

Daniel Jove, “The Bequest of Language: Aspects of Inheritance in Stanley Cavell,” 2017.

Mark Theunissen, “Rationality and Naturalism in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences,” 2017.

Edward Guetti, “Conspicuous Absences and Formative Losses: Literature, Moral Theory, and Wittgenstein,” 2018. 

Kathleen Kelley, “Automatism is a Humanism: Cavell, Medium and Modernism,” 2018.

David Bak Geler, “Practical Improvisation: Rule-following, Spontaneity and Democracy,” 2019. 

Marcus Michelsen, “A Genealogical Reading of Wittgenstein,” 2020.

Carolyn Colsant, “Irony: Both Dangerous and Necessary,” 2020.

Joel de Lara, “Speech Acts and Epistemic Responsibility,” 2020.

Lisa McKeown, “The Art of Acknowledgment: Rethinking How Speech Acts,” 2021.

Carlos de La Puente, “The Unconscious, Drive, and Desire in Anglo-Saxon Philosophy and Psychoanalysis,” 2021.

New York City, 2019.

PhD—current students 

Weioquing Chen

Rob Mass

Roxie Magee, “On Conceptualism: Reflections in Light of the Case of Animals,” in progress.  

Aaron Neber, “The Critical Moment in Animal Studies,” in progress.

I am serving in a secondary capacity on the committees of Alex Altonji, Cayla Clinkenbeard, Hoyeon Lim and Edward Skipton.

PhD dissertations outside the New School

External Reviewer of Patrizia Setola’s PhD dissertation, “Ethical Encounters with Sentient Others,” Philosophy Department, University College Dublin, Ireland, December 2016.

Co-director with Logi Gunarsson of Karsten Schönller’s PhD dissertation, “Toward a Wittgensteinian Meta-Ethics,” Philosophy Department, University of Potsdam, Germany, June 2016. 

Expert Reader, Camilla Kronqvist’s PhD dissertation, “What We Talk about When We Talk about Love,” Philosophy Department, Abo Academy University, Finland, August 2007. 

External Reviewer, Douglas Andrew Gaff’s PhD dissertation, “On Reasons and Disagreement in Ethics,” Philosophy Department, University of Melbourne, Australia, June 2007. 

External Committee Member, Rami Gudovitch’s PhD dissertation, “A Nominalist Conception of the Extent of the Intentional,” Philosophy Department, Columbia University, December 2006. 

First opponent for Cato Wittusen’s PhD dissertation, “Lost Surroundings: An Essay on Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy,” Philosophy Department, University of Bergen, Norway, February 2006. 

External Committee Member for David Shainok’s PhD dissertation, Philosophy Department, Columbia University, 2005.

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